N  U  R  T  U  R  I  N  G     P  U  P  I  L  S  '      L  E  A  R  N  I  N  G

Head's Welcome Message


"Welcome to our website. We hope you find it a useful resource where you can find out about what we are doing in school and any special events taking place."


New Pasture Lane Primary School is a small primary school in the seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire. We have a 52 place Foundation Unit, two key stage 1 classes and five key stage 2 classes. We have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities available to all pupils. The school also encourages music and drama through lessons, whole class ensembles and performances. Our last Ofsted inspection was in January 2012, to see the report or data dashboard please click here.

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Our Vision Statement

​                                                  At New Pasture Lane School

                                              we give each child the opportunity 

                                             to shine by inspiring excellence and

                                            nurturing resilience, whilst developing

                                                creative thinkers in a community 

                                                   of mutual repect and aspiration.

                              Created by Governors, Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Our School Motto

                                                  S​MALL SCHOOL, BIG FUTURE

W  H  A  T      M  A  K  E  S      U  S      D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T ?

Ambassadors and Mini Mentors


        Y6 Trip to Parliament January 2015



                             Radio Station


'NPL Rockin' Radio is now broadcasting live during school hours.


You can also subscribe to our podcasts by clicking on the links below!


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Children from KS2 led by Y3 were involved in a term long project to design and build sets, then film story animations using ISTOP animation on the school's ipads. They converted everything into a 1930's style 'black and white' film. Enjoy.







P   R   I   M   A   R   Y        S   C   H   O   O   L