High Quality, Secure and Affordable

School Websites from only £499


Revamp, recreate or completely redo your school's website with infoKUBE. We provide premium websites for schools all over the United Kingdom. This design service comes with hosting, maintenance and support and expert advice all year round.


This service is specifically designed for 3 types of schools:

  • School A know exactly how they want their website to look and feel; all they need is infoKUBE to digitalise their ideas and give them an online presence.
  • School B would like a website tailored to their school, but do not know which direction to take and would like infoKUBE to guide, advice and come up with a creative concept for the website.
  • School C are extremely busy and need a quick website of a premium standard with as little work needed from them as possible; infoKUBE will customise the school's chosen template and they can just sit back and let us do all of the work.


Whatever it is that you are looking for, infoKUBE promises to provide your school with a fully functional, premium, self editable, secure website ready for all current/prospective parents and children to view. We also provide additional services such as a logo revamp. If your logo is not up to the highest possible standard that represents your school, contact us to discuss how we can help.